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  • Our technologies allow us to model any open-innovation ecosystem you can think of.
  • Then we will make it reality through the design, delivery, maintenance and constant evolvution of a personalized, white-labeled Saas web platform for your institution.

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  • Rapid evolution cycles.
  • Accesible business intelligence layer.
  • Corporate network synced with main social networks.

Our Innovations

Three Ways To Manage Your Whole Business

Features: 3 Dimensions


Open innovation: Multiplier effect: 120x ROI

  • 2x Exit Strategies: intelligent Co-investing, Market Analysis Trends and Connection to existing Ecosystems.
  • 3x Support: Our core specialty, including all of the latest tendencies with all the traditional best-practices.
  • 5x Selection: With the extra information we possess (100x times more information) and with the Market Trends Platform the select.
  • 4x Initiatives: More projects, more ideas, more experts, more technologies, more patents. Connecting to our Ecosystems + Using our experts in Startup + Tech attraction.

Due diligence + Virtual incubation

  • Due diligence: Partnership with Crowdfunding Networks.
  • Partnership with Crowdfunding Networks: 12x reduction inn cost & time

    Reduced Due diligence costs + Virtual Incubation & Supervision could be a game-changer for crowdfunding by helping people fund validated projects and have the tools to supervise the evolution and interact in a creative environment.

  • Virtual Incubation.
  • With an unique personalized support: 3x engagement increase

    For big incubators we offer very advanced customized systems. We have been testing systems for the last 3 years and we have lots of lessons learned. Entrepreneurs receive much more value and we receive much more information


A unique way to manage your whole information

Natural Information Flow

Interconnected Management Systems between all Innovation Agents in the ecosystem enable Data Driven Decision Making for ESO (Entrepreneur Support Organization) Managers and Decision Makers: Management Tools of Entrepreneur Support Organization are connected to the Management Tool of the Entrepreneur enabling both advanced personalized and advanced statistical supervision.

Socio-Economic Measurement

More Dimensions of Socio-Economic Impact Measurement (Part of Social Impact 2.0): Including Valuation.


Information Centralization and personalization of Summaries and Follow: Infosmosis, Import/Export Features become crucial.Indicators and Control Panels 2.0 are merely a part of the process: Each user can decide for any given individual or collective element what they want to follow, how they want to receive the information and how much information/how frequently they want to receive the information.

And more than 20+ Innovations more!

Cloud Mobility, Standard Marketplace: Rewards, Experts, Tools, Capital, Operations Create Live Business Plan, Know-How: Just in Time LUCK:Local Useful Collective Knowledge, SMEs & Multinationals, PR3-ERP, Business Process Manager 2.0, Next Generation Integration with other Social Networks & Systems, Next-Gen Personalization, DD4D Due Diligence Standardization and Investors Trust Network3.0, KISS: Keep it Smart Simple, Persofessional, and much more!